EVIL OVER KYIV!!! Yesterday we sent 115.167 CZK (approx. 4.693 euro) to the collection of People in Need – SOS Ukraine!!!

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The first month of our EVIL OVER KYIV Ukraine collection is over and orders are coming in from all over the world – from the USA, South Africa, Japan, United Kingdom, Ireland, Romania, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Canada, France, Slovakia, Taiwan, Costa rica, Israel, Ukraine and of course lots of orders from our home country!!! We are happy to have been able to contribute this amount in just one month and of course this merch remains on sale. Thank you very much to all of you who help us together!!!

You can find the merch here: https://store.obsceneextreme.cz/en/product-category/evil-over-kiev-en/.

People in Need is an organization that provides humanitarian aid to people in distress during natural disasters or war crises. Financial help is the right thing to do at such a time, which is why we decided to help through the collection of a verified organization that helps in Ukraine. Thanks to the support of donors, People in Need has so far sent 11 trains to Ukraine, 25 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid, and 100 of their employees are helping directly in Ukraine. They are financially supporting smaller NGOs that are helping in particular areas. They are buying and distributing food parcels, water, baby food with their money, they are equipping shelters where people hiding during bombings and in the Czech Republic the organization is helping refugees.

Donors: Otto, Bohdana, Matteo, Zuzana, Andreas, Oscar, Christian, Lorenzo, Michaela, Antonín, Robert, Marcel, Mario, Tadeáš, Marek, Henrik, Jan, Petr, Tomáš, Karel, Nina, Christian, Christian, Denisa, Daniel, Giacomo, Zoé, Martin, Pascal, Jeroen, Vít, Miroslav, Jana, Sean, Javier, Petr, Marek, Kamil, Jakub, Hana, Michaela, Rostislav, Jiří, Aleš, Martin, Tobias, Jakub, Martin, Michal, Mario, Christoph, Radek, Tomáš, Daniel, Václav, Miroslav, Petr, Michel, Giel, Cheng, Viktor, Jaroslav, Roberto, Daniel, Einars, Tomáš, Pavel, Mattias, Pierre, Jan, Gabriel, Michal, Jaroslav, Matěj, Sibren, Sven, Michael, Etienne, Vratislav, Miloš, Jan, Ondřej, Jaroslav, Luděk, Kristjan, Jana, Boris, Jakub, Petr, Petr, Emil, Christian, Mario, Steve, Dana, Ricardo, Daniel, Aleš, Mistr, Julian, Pavel, Lukáš, Andrea, Jindřich, Marcin, Jonas, Michal, Anton Lepra, Linda, Tomáš, Filip, Samuele, Tamara, Ethan, Marcell, Lukáš, Jan, David, Jens, Anna, Tom, David, Jaromír, Edita, Desiree, Martin, Kristýna, Aleš, Petra, Lucia, Jakub, Lukáš, Jan, Lukáš, Ladislav, Jana, Myra, Pavel, Marek, Zdeněk, David, Oliver, Antonio, Petra, František, Andreas, Jaakko, Enea, Aick, Dario, Mathias, Petr, Libor, Daisuke, Olli, Pedro, Vincent, Eerik, Brian, Shawn, Cornelis, Ruggiero, Marius, Clifford, Anna, Marko, Ladislav, Ville, Pavel, Martina, Herman, Tyler, Marek, Elis, Guillaume, Miroslav, Lorena, Jan, Jitka, Broos, Martin, Martin, Karolina, Elmar, Alena, Marek, Ondřej, Jan, Ondřej, Robert, Jan, Monika, Dominik, Miroslav, Jiří, Zdeněk, Lukáš, Pablo, Tim, Jose, Jakub, Andreas, Dennis, Pierpaolo, Martina, Jan, Jauhen, Vítězslav, Ricardo, Devin, Bogdano, Joost, Jimmy, Tom, Luke, Adrian, Antti, Alois, Mattia, Juliette, Rita, Sam, Pablo, Yaroslava, Petr, Naomi, Zuzana, Viki, Kamile, Matthias, Přemysl, Václav, Zbyněk, Libor, Petra, Jakub, Angelique, Marcel, Ján, Martin, Dennis, Kateřina, Kilian, Michal.

Thank you!!!