Backpatch – Trutnov – The Town Of The Dragon


Trutnov – The Town of the Dragon made by our very own OEF desinger Martin!!!

Product Description

“The festival’s organizer, Čurby himself, came up with the idea for this motif. The town of Trutnov and Obscene Extreme belong together. Without Trutnov, OEF would have never become what it is. So, the whole motif is thought to be a tribute to the town…

And because Trutnov is also called the Town of the Dragon or the Dragon town, the motif was obvious. According to an old legend, it is said that in the distant past the locals had killed a dragon here. So my task was evident, to design the dragon look epic.”

Martin – Pen n Ink Designs

Artwork : Martin & Pen n Ink Designs



Back patch



Front theme

Trutnov – The Town Of The Dragon – Grey



Print size

40 x 30 cm


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