Hoodies without zipper – Euro Soldier


2013 was the year of Obscene Extreme’s 15th Anniversary World Tour Festival!!! A very ambitious plan (4 festivals, 4 continents, 179 different bands from 41 countries played Obscene Extreme festivals in 2013!!!) and we had to arm ourselves, the master, Luis Sendón, prepared a series of of fierce fighters for every continent and country we’ve arrived to see you that year!!! Wonderful work!!!
Artwork : Luis Sendón Illustration & Design



Hoodie without zipper


Just Hoods


Jet black/heather grey, Charcoal/burgundy, Heather gery/jet black

Front theme

Euro Soldier – Colour, Euro Soldier – Logo, Euro Soldier – White

Back theme

No print, Euro Soldier – Black Grey Logo Back, Euro Soldier – Black Logo Back, Euro Soldier – Colour Back, Euro Soldier – Ochre Logo Back, Euro Soldier – Red Logo Back, Euro Soldier – White Back, Euro Soldier – White Grey Logo Back, Euro Soldier – White Logo Back




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