Hoodies without zipper – Toxic Surfer


Toxic Surfer made by our very own OEF desinger Martin!!!

Product Description

“Well, this motif is kind of fragmented among more ideas. A suicidal ride on the brink of death. I think this is the perfect way to describe the madness of the fans both on the stage and in front of it during the festival.

Some stagedives look really menacing, it often looks like those people have lost the last remnants of their self-preservation. So, at the same time it is a bit of a warning for all the freaks stagediving with flip-flops at OEF. Take damn care of yourself and others!

The main idea, however, lies in something else. Nowadays, we increasingly prefer our own need and pleasure to everything else regardless of the consequences as fatal as they may be. The main thing is to have fun and to do your great surfing in the imaginary sea. But we are no longer interested in the fact we throw away millions of tons of waste into the same sea and poison it all killing gradually everything in it. We are only wondering if the great wave for super fun does come and if we are nearing a global environmental catastrophe at the same time does not bother anyone.

The whole idea and the concept of the surfer on the apocalyptic background was inspired by a similarly absurd scene from the cult war drama by F. Coppola, where soldiers, under the guidance of mad Colonel Kilgor, surf the beach in the storm of bullets.”

Martin – Pen n Ink Designs

Artwork : Martin & Pen n Ink Designs



Hoodie without zipper


Just Hoods


Jet black/heather grey, Charcoal/burgundy, Heather gery/jet black

Front theme

Toxic Surfer – Black, Toxic Surfer – Red, Toxic Surfer – White

Back theme

No print, Toxic Surfer, Toxic Surfer – Black, Toxic Surfer – Light Yellow, Toxic Surfer – Ochre, Toxic Surfer – White




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