Tote Bag – Future?!?


Future?!? by spanish master Luis Sendón!!!

“When Curby asked me to write some words about my design for this year’s OEF I felt quite not knowing what to do. I don’t actually like talking about my work that much. Instead, I prefer to let the drawing speak for itself so it can communicate different feelings depending on who’s observing. In fact, in the last couple of years I have chosen not to explain the work I upload on the internet -just what it is, and for whom…

… This year’s image revolves around an idea that repeatedly comes to my mind. I think that us, the individuals, are locking ourselves more and more in our houses, in ourselves, becoming more and more antisocial. And this is mainly because of the social networks. People with little contact with the reality that get most of their inputs through a screen accept that brain and body is being consumed little by little. The final idea was to illustrate a human being under the decomposition process, a human being that clings to technology -the same technology that’s killing him.

Nearly all of us have social networks. We constantly check our phones and TV. We can ALL end up being that rotten being. Is there any way out? Yes. The passion inside us. The passion in our guts.

Long live OEF! Silence sucks!”

Luis Sendón

Artwork : Luis Sendón Illustration & Design



Tote bag

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